Introduction of IPD

Greetings dear civilians and those choose Mostafa Khomeini Hospital for their health care. Mostafa Khomeini Hospital makes effort to serve the patients by all means in scientific and well-equipped environment and best personnel and services in the world.

In this regard, the best and most efficient nursing staff, services and physicians and scientists, and the majority of the first class professors, as the best medical equipments and therapies and surgical procedures in the world are being provided, hence the main mission of the Hospital is the best and most qualified medical services.

At last, we wish health for all of the patients and serge you by the best manner.



International Patients Department (IPD) :

Health tourism is a trip aimed at treatment in another country. The reasons for such a type of tourism include the lack of similar therapeutic methods, high costs and the lack of advanced therapies in the country of origin. On the other hand, given the appropriate medical tariffs in Iran compared to other countries in the region and the provision of premium international medical and nursing services patients, a large number of patients tend to travel to Iran to enjoy health care, making Iran a health tourism hub in the region.

In this regard, Mostafa  Khomeini  Hospital was the first to be awarded the permit to admit international patients by Health Ministry thanks to its actual and potential capacities, successful international achievements and leading in the management of modern health services

Chife & IPD Physician: Dr. Saeed Hashemzadeh

IPD Surrogate Physician: Dr. Mohammad Mokhtarpour

Head of IPD Unit / Nurse: Dr. Narges Vesal

Surrogate IPD Expert: Ms. Sheida Mohammadian

IPD services :

The Hospital’s International Patient Department (IPD) is composed of proficient experts and experienced doctors mastering international languages, providing 24-hour medical services to international patients.

_ The presence of fluent Arabic and English resident interpreters at this center has facilitated the treatment processes from the moment of entry to country until discharge and return to the country of origin so that there is no communication problem in this area.

_ IPD chief expert is responsible for coordinating the way international patients attend the hospital. In order to facilitate the provision of services, the presence of a VIP/CIP expert at the hospital has been able to give the department good opportunities and conditions.

_The IPD doctor’s daily visits for all international patients in the hospital and the proficient and experienced team of doctors in this area are one of the pillars of patients’ trust in Mostafa Khomeini  Hospital.

_The issuance of bills in English along with the Medical Report at the time of discharge, has reassured patients to continue treatment in this center

_ Creating a patient-centered living space in the hospital is one of the competitive advantages of the Mostafa Khomeini  Hospital. Main measures taken in this department include the equipment of hospitalization wards with the international visual and written media, setting up

welcome stands in the language of the patient, the existence of the patient’s national flag, the provision of a food menu based on the nationality of the patient in Arabic or English and the possibility of serving international dishes and the possibility of exchanging international currencies to Rial in the hospital.

In order to lessen the housing and travel concerns of patients and their companions, establishing a framework for cooperation with various hotels in various categories of formalities, the possibility of obtaining or extending visas, reservation of travel tickets on all air, land, and maritime routs and taking the advantage of Tehran tours have been considered.

_ Depending on the patient’s condition and, if desired, they can be accompanied from the airport to the hospital and vice versa by the specialist medical staff.

_ Translation of all the documents and forms of the hospital into two Arabic and English languages has been an important step in protecting the rights of patients. In this regard, conducting daily surveys of international patients through various techniques (international questionnaire-interviewing or emailing to the hospital) and corrective actions in the shortest possible time have been effective in clarifying the rights of patients.

Documents required for admission of foreign patients:

_ Having the patient’s passport for admission and identification

_ Accompanying reports of radiology, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI and previous tests to present to the treating physician

Ability to communicate and send the file before the visit using the following communication channels:

Contact number of  the  International  Patients  Department  (IPD): 00982188975477

WhatsApp Department  Number :  00989912703346

Hospital fax  number  : 009821- 88963739

 The patient’s email : 

Possibility of face-to-face and virtual consultation with the physician of the International Patients Unit

Address and location of the hospital :

Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Hospital is located in Sub-district 2, District 6 of Tehran nearby downtown and the geographical location of this hospital has facilitated access to all areas of Tehran.

_ Route 1 – No. 9, Italy St., Palestine St., Keshavarz Boulevard, Valiasr Square, Tehran

_ Route 2 – No. 9, Italy St., Tus St., Palestine Square, Valiasr Crossroads – Palestine Street, Tehran

_ Route 3 – No. 9, Valiasr Crossroads – Taleghani St. – Sarparast St., Tehran

Intra-city access routes to the hospital and vice versa :

1.Valiasr intersection metro line

2. High-speed bus line (BRT) of the railway terminal to the crossroads and Valiasr Square

3.Taxi lines in the above-mentioned routes and other routes

4. Taxi services located at the main entrance door of the hospital

5. Utilizing of internet taxis (Snap, Tapsi, etc.)

  Airport :

_ Imam Khomeini International Airport

_ Mehrabad Airport

Access to the nearest hotels :

_ Spinas Hotel: Keshavarz Boulevard

_ Laleh Hotel: Fatemi St. next to Hijab St.

_ Hoveyzeh Hotel: Taleghani St., crossroads of Nejat Elahi St.

_ Hijab Hotel: Hijab Street, Keshavarz Boulevard

 Secure access to the nearest exchange offices :

The nearest & main exchange offices to the hospital is located at Ferdowsi St., Tehran

*Iran, with numerous mysteries and secrets, has always been a destination for tourists from different countries, and the tourists have always marveled at and become enamored of its historical, cultural and spiritual beauties. During travel to Iran, in addition to receiving very low-cost medical services, you can enjoy visiting the historical monuments of Iran, luxurious palaces in Tehran, and the beautiful dreamlike blend of the lush jungles and the blue sea of the north of Iran which are less than 5 hours away from Tehran. Thus you will experience a memorable travel alongside your companions.