Ward IPD


Head of Department: Dr.Mohamad Mokhtar Por

Head Nurse: Ms. Lily Maleki

Location : second floor


Mostafa Khomeini Hospital provides a wide range of comprehensive services in the field of health tourism. Such that the process of examination, diagnosis and treatment besides a pleasant residence for the patient and relatives in private rooms is easily planned. You can simply refer to Mostafa Hospital website and contact the IPD expert through the online menu of the International Patients Department (IPD)

After the admission of the patient, clothes with special colorings and a special bracelet will be provided to the patient with the aim of easing contact between the patient and his/her companions and making their traffic in the hospital simpler, so that the staff, nurses, and translators can help them better

All the hospital employees have had the specialized trainings about the international patients and are fluent in English. Also full time English, Arabic and Turkish translators are present at the hospital to help you and your companion if necessary

After completion of your treatment and at the end of the recovery period, the final examinations will be performed, and if needed, a comprehensive timetable for your next visits will be provided to you

The doctors, experts, and nurses of this department will give you the necessary instructions and teach you the medical treatment methods with the aim of hastening your improvement. Therefore, after return to your country, you will be able to follow your treatment program

Welfare facilities

_ Presence of translator (English – Arabic – Turkish)

_ Suite room

_ WiFi internet

_ Television

_ Electric bed

_ The nurse summoned the bell

_ Sofa bed for use with the patient

_ Refrigerator, wardrobe, toilet and independent bathroom

_ Independent hostess, possibility to choose the food menu

*The International Patients Ward of Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Hospital has 8 private rooms and 2 suites for patients.
Patients with a variety of surgeries including urology, general surgery, neurosurgery, gynecological surgery, obstetrics, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, orthopedic surgery and ENT surgery can be admitted to this ward.